Saturday, March 19

LA Font – Newest Additions to the Sister City Records Family

Releasing a 7" in May 2011

LA Font: (L to R) Chrimbus Tree, Greg, Harlow, Danny, Jon

SCR’s happy to announce that it will be pressing and distributing a 7″, due for May 2011, featuring two live staples from Echo Park upstarts LA Font.  The A-side is the Toadies-esque “Sharks” and the B-side, the nimble “Lipsmack.”  SCR couldn’t be more excited about partnering with the LA Font dudes.  The Pavement comparisons are accurate but, in my humble opinion, sorta tired.  Unlike certain peers informed by the same source material, LA Font records loud and clear and isn’t afraid to make high-fidelity sounds – sharpen your stylus.

You can check out LA Font’s debut LP, The American Leagues, and upcoming live appearances here.  Also, try to watch this video without getting tears in your eyes – hopefully we haven’t seen the last of Sid the Kid.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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