LA Font

". . . prickly . . ."

Photo courtesy of Philip Gadrow

LA Font is a rock band based in Echo Park.  If you read about music, you are probably familiar with Echo Park as it has become famous as the neighborhood a mere 7 miles northeast of where the Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down.  Unlike the late Biggie Smalls, LA Font records a brand of rock and roll that some have branded “independent” or, for short, “indie.”  There are other bands in Echo Park that have followed suit and made a similar brand of “inde rock.”  Perhaps you’re familiar with Neon Trees? I think they’re from Echo Park.

LA Font has reminded me at times of the Ponys, Silkworm (singer and songwriter Danny Bobbe spent time in Missoula, MT, no less), Built to Spill and others.  That’s good company, but of course you’d expect nothing less from a blurb written by someone standing to make a buck on their behalf.  I stand by it, though.  Bobbe comes swinging, the guitars are chaotic, and the rhythm section keeps it all from derailing.  Check out their debut full length, streaming for free, here.

Arts & Entertainment

Astrid Quay & Evan Conway

Arts & Entertainment is the Los Angeles-based production duo Evan Conway and Astrid Quay.  Their work displays a classic sensibility with a range of influences, stretching from mid-70s AOR to more experimental strains of popular music, and a unique mid-fi production aesthetic.  I first became acquainted with Astrid’s and Evan’s work on the great Manimal Vinyl tribute to the Cure entitled Perfect as Cats, to which the pair contributed their cover of “Caterpillar,” featuring mouth percussion by none other than Ariel Pink.  Check it out here.


"The Brill Building would have been all over this shit in the early 60's" - Ariel Pink

Manicorn’s constant is Eilam Wolman, an Israeli expatriate living in Venice, CA.  His self-released first record (available for purchase here) captures his double-tracked wail on tunes that are instantly hummable, even when they seem to be hanging by a thread.