Tuesday, January 7

Arts & Entertainment EP – CHEAP!

Many moons ago, Sister City had the honor to release Arts & Entertainment’s EP of R. Stevie Moore covers, Just A Little Moore.  The pressing is absolutely beautiful, and now the opportunity to own this record can be yours at a discount of Cal Worthington proportions.  The price of the EP has been slashed from $9 to $5.50, plus the cost of shipping.  Why would you pass this up?  Treat yourself to a piece of Los Angeles music history, or at least something that might merit a mention in an unlikely 400+ page oral history of Manimal Vinyl.

Hear “I Need Your Love” here:

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Sunday, November 13

Order Arts & Entertainment’s Just A Little Moore EP

He's a looker

For $9 plus shipping, this beauty is shipped direct to your door beginning November 15, 2011. Get at it, dog.

“This fine record gives me gooseybumps . . . omg try it on, you will feel the same!” – R. Stevie Moore

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Friday, September 23

Stream “I Need Your Love” from Arts & Entertainment’s Upcoming Just A Little Moore E.P.

E.P. Dropping Soon

Here’s the b-side from the upcoming R. Stevie Moore covers E.P. from Arts & Entertainment. Imagine the Isley Brothers with a guest appearance from Nels Cline. Then stop imagining such stupid shit and listen to the amazing song.

I Need Your Love – Arts & Entertainment (R. Stevie Moore cover) by SisterCityRecords

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Sunday, July 10


Avoid the inoperative Store page and order the LA Font Sharks 7″ right here. Items to be shipped beginning 7/11/11.

Click here for the 7″ – $6

Click here for the 7″ and LA Font’s Debut Album, The American Leagues, on vinyl – $15

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Tuesday, June 28

Record Release Party – Sharks 7″

Celebrating the 2011 Women's World Cup

Join anyone who’s anyone (and who’s not committed to putting in quality work at the place of work on Tuesday morning) at the Silverlake Lounge on 7/11/11 to celebrate the release of the Sharks 7″. Thanks to David Greenwald at Rawkblog for sponsoring the evening. Click here for more details.

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Thursday, June 16

News – June 15, 2011

Please Be Informed

Hey, good buddies.  It’s been a while.  Here’s what’s going on in Sister City land.

(1) LA Font.  The Sharks/Lipsmack 7″ drops on July 11, 2011, smack dab on the second night of the band’s residency at the Silverlake Lounge.  More details to come regarding the record release party, but it goes without saying that the Silverlake Lounge will be the place to be on Monday nights in July.  At the very least, it’s better than watching Family Guy reruns on TBS and hating yourself.  For more details on what the band’s up to, stay tuned to this space and www.lafontband.comRecords will be available here, there, and LA’s few remaining record stores, and you can cop it digitally from iTunes, etc ., as well.

(2) Arts & Entertainment.  The R. Stevie Moore EP – title to be announced – is mixed and mastered and headed to the presses.  It is nothing short of stunning – Astrid, Evan, and their cast of thousands have created something that is meticulously detailed and truly inspiring.  Here’s the exclusive tracklist for your consideration:

1.  Wayne, Wayne (Go Away)

2.  I Need Your Love

3.  Stationary

4.  Wayne, Wayne (Go Away) – Donut Remix

Release date to be announced.  Keep it locked.

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Monday, April 18

LA Font – Sharks/Lipsmack 7″ Cover Art

A post shamelessly riding on the coattails of Record Store Day (registered trademark)

The release date’s yet-to-be determined (likely mid-May) but in the meantime, check out the cover art for LA Font’s latest. As you do, remember the important lesson we learned on Record Store Day: stores and record labels want you to buy their stuff.

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Wednesday, April 13

LA Font – Fine Lines Video

New Video Features Men, More Men, Dog

Props to Hank Friedmann for this video.  It’s on the OMC tip (“how bizarre.”  Anyone?)

LA Font – Fine Lines

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Saturday, March 19

LA Font – Newest Additions to the Sister City Records Family

Releasing a 7" in May 2011

LA Font: (L to R) Chrimbus Tree, Greg, Harlow, Danny, Jon

SCR’s happy to announce that it will be pressing and distributing a 7″, due for May 2011, featuring two live staples from Echo Park upstarts LA Font.  The A-side is the Toadies-esque “Sharks” and the B-side, the nimble “Lipsmack.”  SCR couldn’t be more excited about partnering with the LA Font dudes.  The Pavement comparisons are accurate but, in my humble opinion, sorta tired.  Unlike certain peers informed by the same source material, LA Font records loud and clear and isn’t afraid to make high-fidelity sounds – sharpen your stylus.

You can check out LA Font’s debut LP, The American Leagues, and upcoming live appearances here.  Also, try to watch this video without getting tears in your eyes – hopefully we haven’t seen the last of Sid the Kid.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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